Speed Up Transfers

Speed Up Your Transfers

ISP's use advanced traffic analysis to determine what you are doing on the Internet. They then throttle your bandwidth reducing the amount of data you can download or upload at any time!

Torrent Security is the solution you have been waiting for with speeds up to 100 Mb/s: No Bandwidth Capping.

We are contracted with and have systems located in several major data centers all over the world, including the US, Canada & Europe. Our bandwidth is massive with 40 gigabits of aggregate bandwidth from several major Internet low latency backbones.

Speed up your transfers now

Protect Your Privacy

Protect Your Privacy

With our torrent data wrapped into a neutral protocol and hidden behind our state of the art proxy servers, nobody can tell who you are or what you are downloading!

Privacy is 100% guaranteed while downloading torrent with Torrent Security. We do not keep any logs and are not required to disclose any information.

We have multiple Socks Proxy Servers around the world. These are restricted to clients which can authenticate against our subscription database

How Torrent Security Works?

Internet Freedom

Internet Freedom

As a value added service to you we are also including our new and advanced anonymous HTTP proxy service with every new membership. We use a SOCKSv5 protocol which is fast, safe & secure.

It will allow you to Surf the Internet anonymously, hide your IP address making you untraceable. It will also help you route around outages and is perfect for protecting privacy while traveling abroad.

Works with PC & MAC and is supported on most browsers. Try it for 3 days on us!

Get Internet Freedom Today!

Hide Your IP Address & Enjoy Faster Downloads Today!

Did you know your IP address is exposed every time you visit a website?

Torrent Security is an Internet Service that is design to significantly improve the throughput of your bittorrent data. Our protocol neutral approach and advanced use of proxy servers also helps protect and conceal your identity. We have multiple highly redundant servers in ultra-low latency datacenters around the world and we wrap your bittorrent in a neutral protocol that hides the true traffic you are carry from your ISP. It is simple to use as changing a few settings inside your favorite Torrent Client.    Try it for FREE today

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