Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to use Torrent Security?

YES. It is as easy is 1, 2, 3! First register with Torrent Security and provide us with your user name and password. Second, enter that information into your favorite Torrent Client including the secure URL address (, username/password and set the preferences to use a Socks V5 proxy server.

That's it! Finally, enjoy super fast downloads and IP Privacy. No software downloads to your computer are necessary! For more detailed information, screenshots and setup instructions for the Torrent Clients supported by our service, click here.

Why Should I use Torrent Security?

Torrent Security is for individuals who want peace of mind that the information they are downloading from Torrent Clients is fast, safe & secure. We believe that you have the freedom to surf and download privately and anonymously.

How does Torrent Security Work?

We have multiple Socks proxy servers around the world. These are restricted to clients, which can authenticate against our subscription database.

There are two IP addresses on each proxy server, one, which you connect to, and a second that everyone else in the world connects to. Essentially your Bit torrent traffic gets wrapped into a single Socks tunnel which points to our system. Our system then connects to the Bit torrent cloud insulating you from the rest of the world.

Do You Keep Logs?

NO. Expect 100% Privacy. We do not log which internal port (Yours) connects to which system on the external port (Everyone Else).

Does Torrent Security work with both Mac & PC?

YES. While 85% of all Torrent Clients are currently made for Windows any Torrent Client that has a Mac OS version that has a Socks V5 option will work. Click here for our list of supported Torrent Clients and which operating system works. The list is growing everyday.

Why Should I Trust Torrent Security?

We created this system out of a definite need: We had the exact same problem as you have. We here all download torrents, but we found that after a (short) while, our Torrent speeds became TERRIBLE! We determined that our ISP was either blocking us or limiting our bandwidth and we were worried about "people" seeing what we were uploading and downloading.

Torrent Security is the ultimate solution.

We feel it has become a necessary solution to these inevitable problems. Torrent Security will solve all of these problems for a small monthly investment. We also have a FREE 3-day full-trial and a 100% money-back guarantee on our monthly service!

Which Torrent Clients can I use with Torrent Security?

While our list is growing every day any Torrent Client or Browsers that are supports Sock V5 will work both on Mac & PC.

Why Is This Service Not Free?

Equipment, Bandwidth, Employees & Support are needed to help make you have the best Bit torrent experience the planet!

You say you have a 100% money back guarantee, what does that mean?

Well first we offer a full 100% FREE trial for you to see how you like our system. You can use these 3 days to test it out and see if you will be happy with the system. Second, we offer a prorated 100% refund policy. You will only pay for the time that you use and not a day more. For example: If you find that after 15 days of service you are not satisfied and you paid for the year because of the discount you will be refunded the whole year minus the 15 days you used. Sound Fair. We thought so too.

How to test if your IP address is hidden?

We recommend the website called Check My Torrent IP which will allow you to confirm that your IP address is 100% hidden from the world when using our system.

How to use private trackers.

Torrent Security uses two types of proxies, an LVS load balenced system with a router and multiple servers behind it and dedicated IP's. The LVS is the fastest and the most reliable method of downloading torrents. The drawback with the system is the responding IP could be one of many which private trackers will reject.

The dedicated IP's allow you to log into your trackers webstie and then the tracker will work with the proxy, however you need to tunnel your HTTP/WEB data thru the proxy system with a tunneling application.

Do I need a firewall?

We do recommend a proxy firewall: Proxy Firewall Download
A proxy-firewall is fairly simple to setup, simply setup rules for the web client and the proxy below. Once that is completed use the proxy address below in uTorrent/Vuse and it will work.

Use the dedicated IP address:

Your IP address is not hidden.

You must disable DHT! Follow configuration instructions for your specific torrent client and/or browser accurately!

Use the website Check My Torrent IP

Speed is not increasing/no change in download speed.

Be patient. Restart your client. If you have been using a torrent client for a significant period of time before using Torrent Security, you will wonder how you lived without it! If you are new to torrents, and are using Torrent Security from the start, congratulations! You will not be subject to bandwidth throttling by your ISP and downloading in 100% privacy!

Try downloading this torrent, it should max out your connection, after running for 3-5 minutes.

After doing this, restart your torrent client. Keep in mind, you will not see an immediate increase in speed – and you can never receive more bandwidth than provided in a best-case scenario from your ISP. Most users of bittorrent clients without a proxy server are indeed already victims of bandwidth throttling or shaping by their ISP. Many clients report that their speeds quickly resumed to the download/upload speeds they had when they first started using their bittorrent client.

Inbound connections disabled

Our proxy system does not have the ability to bind to ports, thus inbound connections are completely disabled. You will still seed files and upload, at good speed however people cannot connect to you directly. This also protects your real IP address.

Cannot Seed

See inbound connections disabled.

Can't Authenticate

Check your username and password by logging into the website, then make sure you are using that same username password combination in your torrent clients.

Make sure your proxy IP address in your torrent client is: and port is port 80.

Follow the instructions at cannot connect to proxy server.

If there is still issues email us:

Is my IP protected?

Yes. All your inbound connections and uploads run directly through our servers. This is the IP address the "interested parties" will see. They will never see your real IP address. You can test at

Can I use Torrent Scurity with usenext or giganews?

If it supports a proxy server, yes.

How do I know it's working?

We highly recommend using the following web-based services: for your browser, for your torrentclient.

Is it possible that our IP can be "blacklisted" or throttled during peak hours?

No. Our IP cannot be blacklisted because we change this randomly.

What is most likely happening is you are getting hard-shaped by your provider as they have oversold bandwidth. The best way to get this is to run a torrent and max out at 100kbps and try to surf the web. If the web doesn't work, your ISP is hard-shaping.

What port number do I assign to my incoming listening ports?

Leave this setting be. The proxy server will disable these ports anyway, so this setting will be moot.

When I use’s proxy server for browsing, the homepage is in Dutch. Why?

That actually indicates that the service is working correctly! This may be considered a “price to pay” for having an offshore or international server as our servers are in several countries, including The Netherlands and many websites, ie Google, Yahoo, etc. are IP address sensitive so that those pages will show that country’s native language on the associated website. You will likely be allowed on page to translate to your needs easily. Keep in mind that any rules and regulations related to browsing in the associated country will be followed, but the location of our Netherlands servers should offer no problems for most browsing needs. Also keep in mind, although it is an attractive additional service and it does work fine, the main focus of our service is related to maintaining torrent download speeds all the while providing the utmost in privacy – not necessarily private browsing. This is simply the way that it is, but rest-assured: If there is a way around this – we will find it.

I can't connect to the internet or my torrents through the proxy. My status message through "check my torrent" states: proxy error: Invalid Username/Password.

Your account may be expired. Can you login to the website? If so, it should show your service level. If you can’t login then we need to reset your password. Contact us at:

I tried U torrent and Bit Comet and followed the directions in the pictures. I receive an error message in Utorrent: Proxy connect error. No connection can be made because the target machine actively refused it.

BitComet is not supported as it has no Socks v5 Proxy option. “Proxy connect error” means we cant connect to the torrent tracker. Try a different torrent.

I am continually being asked for my Username/Password while I am trying to use myFirefox browser.

Our service and our servers have username/password access. Configure your browser to store this information if this prompt is an annoyance to you.

When I subscribe to your services is my IP address hidden behind just 1 IP address?

The IP has the ability to and will change, transparently to the user, across multiple servers in multiple countries.