Your ISP Sees Everything...

Wrapping your connections in socks tunnel limits the amount of packet inspection your ISP can do on a real time level.

Additionally all the traffic is limited to a single IP address and a single port number. To your ISP, it looks like you are surfing a single website really hard or connected to a corporate VPN, thus they do not enable traffic shaping on your connection which means full speed ahead!

Your ISP can and will throttle your bandwidth?

The bottom line is your ISP has way oversold their bandwidth and will do anything to prevent having to purchase more. You are being screwed by your ISP. Get all the bandwidth you are paying for!

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Can you be sued for downloading?

The MPAA and RIAA have made a media circus out of their lawsuits they have filed the last few years! Don't be the next sucker, hide your IP!

No Software To Download!

Our simple to use solution means no downloads and installs, it just works with your existing torrent clients. No risk of stange spyware or malware getting on to your system.

Every bittorrent connection made is tracked.

Every single connection from your torrent client to your IP makes can be tracked, monitored and logged. The only way to stop this is to use Torrent Security.

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Your ISP won't cancel your Internet Service with Torrent Security

Your ISP can cancel your Internet service at any time if you violate their terms of service. This can include downloading or uploading questionable materials. Don't lose your Internet Connection! Enjoy superfast downloads and complete IP protection.

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