User Testimonials

"I have been a Bright House customer for years. The last few years they have been limited my bandwidth with some sort of throttling. Torrent Security totally bypasses their systems and enables me to fully use the 12 megs I pay for.." - J. Lee

"I have been downloading items from college the last two years, however the school has started shutting down all questionable traffic the last few months after the MPAA threatened them. Torrent Security totally let's me use any download client I want without any complaints from the system admin" - D. Hall

"I was amazed the first time I used Torrent Security. I have been paying for Fios for 6 months and have never maxed out my connection speed. This has completely changed my download experience" - Jay B.

"Have been a Mac user and was skeptical about Torrent Security's service. Well, I am happy to say that while there are only a couple very good Torrent Clients available for Mac they work great with the service. I am downloading faster than I was and feel better about it because of the IP privacy" - S. Currie

"More so than the Torrent Client part of the service I actually like the HTTP proxy service better. I download using uTorrent but not very often but the being able to surf the Internet in complete privacy is just awesome. It is superfast! Great Job" - G. Ryan